MATIX stands for innovation and trendsetting.

1) Innovative Steering System
Although MATIX has 26-inch front wheels, its turning circle is not bigger than 4,25 metres. In many
other vehicles of similar sort such performance can be achieved with smaller size wheels only.

2) Height Adjustable Suspension
For many years before purchasing a tricycle for recumbent touring customers have had to decide on a certain riding style:
racing, touring or off-road. MATIX offers a selection of features of all types of recumbent tricycles in one vehicle.

a) Formule 1 Racing Tricycle
The ground clearance can be adjusted to 4 different levels. Minimalising the ground clearance up
to ca. 5 cm, positioning the seat at the lowest level of ca. 30 cm and with suspension lockout, one
gets the feeling of riding high performance race recumbent tricycle model (RR).

b) Touring recumbent tricycle
By positioning the ground clearance on a second or a third level, sitting on a comfortable level of
34 to 37 cm from the road surface, one can enjoy cruising.

c) Enduro

To switch to the off-road mode on MATIX recumbent tricycle, the rider simply needs to set
the ground clearance at the highest level (15 cm from the road surface) and increase the
sitting position up to ca. 40 cm. This way there are no limits, even steps cannot stop MATIX!

3) Stability and Turning
MATIX recumbent tricycle offers stability and ease through difficult terrain
and by higher speed. For many recumbent tricycles equipped with regular
20-inch wheels such conditions stand for a challenge. The peculiar
construction of recumbent tricycles does not allow a random change of
the wheel size for bigger. Such change is possible only as a result of
a careful and thorough process of reconstructing the frame of a viehcle.
Therefore, designing MATIX vehicles we focused mainly on solving the problem. It was a long
and difficult process but we managed to find a perfect solution.

It takes just a short MATIX Trike test ride to experience the perfect coaction of carefully
selected suspension type, centre of gravity and the lateral wheelbase (track) of the vehicle.

4) BEND LIGHTING SYSTEM – small change with a great difference!inn3.jpg
MATIX Fatbike is inclusively equipped with two headlights with cornering
light function, which change the position of light beam along with the
movement of vehicle’s wheels. In all other MATIX recumbent trikes the
remarkable bend lighting lamps are also available (supplementary

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